Benefits Redesign: Background Documents in the Debate

Before arriving at the final recommendations which informed the decision announced in this issue, representatives of the Benefits Advisory Committee met with the Senate Executive Committee on March 19, where the report of SEC's Ad Hoc Committee on Benefits Redesign was the first item on the agenda (see report in this issue). During that meeting SEC passed the resolution (see SEC Actions, in this issue). The Ad Hoc Committee Report itself is in this issue, and is followed by a response from Dr. Barbara Lowery, Associate Provost, and Dr. Michael Wachter, Deputy Provost.

The March 19 SEC consultation was the last in a long series of deliberations involving faculty and staff, some of them summed up in Almanac issues of February 18 and 25 , and March 4, 11 and 18. --Ed.


Volume 43 Number 27
March 25, 1997

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