Four SAS Research Fellowships in 1997-98

The School of Arts and Sciences has announced four recipients of Faculty Research Fellowships for 1997-98. The internally-funded program gives each of these faculty members a semester free of teaching and administrative responsibilities to carry out research on the projects shown here:

Dr. Rita Barnard, associate professor of English: Literature and the Politics of Place;
Dr. Jeffrey R. Fear, assistant professor of history: Organizing Control: The History of Thyssen Management, 1871-1934;
Dr. Philip Nelson, associate professor of physics and astronomy: Materials Properties of Lipid/Macromolecule Complexes; and
Dr. Matthew H. Sommer, assistant professor of history: Husbands Cashing in Wives: The Prostitution and Sale of Wives in Qing Dynasty China.


Volume 43 Number 26
March 18, 1997

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