Special Checks of Residences . . . Lighting Rebates

Spring Break 1997 (March 7-March 17, 1997) is approaching quickly. Traditionally, this is a time of lower occupancy and greater opportunity for crime. Therefore, we need to be more safety and security conscious.To reduce the opportunity for crime (i.e, criminal mischief, burglaries, etc.), the Division of Public Safety is again offering Special Checks of Residential Properties during the following time frame: 11 p.m. on Friday, March 7th to 7 a.m. on Monday, March 17th.

Faculty, staff and students who live within the following geographical boundaries-- Schuylkill River to 43rd Street, and Baltimore Avenue to Market Street--may list their residences with the Penn Police Department for Special Checks during the period it will be vacant. Penn Police officers will periodically check the exterior of the property for signs of criminal activity or security breaches, and if any are found they will take appropriate action ranging from arresting the perpetrator to conducting an interior check of the property with subsequent notifications to the listed occupant.

If you would like to list your residence for Special Checks during Spring Break 1997, please pick up an application at the Penn Police Headquarters (3914 Locust Walk) or the Special Services Unit (206 S. 40th Street). You need to complete and return the application to either location prior to vacating the premise. Below you will find Safety and Security Tips to help keep your time away from Penn a safe and happy one.

-- Thomas Seamon, Managing Director, Division of Public Safety

-- Maureen S. Rush, Director of Patrol Operations

Safety and Security Tips for Spring Break 1997

If Leaving Penn for Spring Break,

If Remaining at Penn During Spring Break,


Volume 43 Number 24
March 4, 1997

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