Research Foundation

Awards to Faculty in the Fall Cycle 1996

Following are the 57 research projects chosen for support by the University's internally-funded Research Foundation in the comptetition held in Fall 1996. For application procedures and deadlines for the next cycle, see this issue.

Rita Balice-Gordon, Neuroscience, Medicine; Image Analysis Workstation for Neuroscience and Neurology.

Rita Barnard, English, SAS; Apartheid, Literature, and the Politics of Place.

Jose Antonio Cheibub, Political Science, SAS; The Electoral Connection: Accountability in Democratic and Non-Democratic Regimes.

Douglas Cowen, Physics, SAS; The Hunt for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and a New

Triggering System for the AMANDA-II Array Developed with Undergraduate Participation.

Mirjam Cvetic, Physics, SAS; 5th International Conference on Supersymmetries in Physics (SUSY'97).

Andrew Dancis, Medicine, Medicine; Intracellular Iron Metabolism.

F. Diebold, Economics, SAS; Simulation Techniques in Dynamic Econometrics.

Claire Fagin, Nursing; Pilot Study of Patients' Experiences with Care in Hospitals.

Julie Fairman, Adult Health & Illness, School of Nursing; Silent and Hidden: Gender, Power and the History of Nurse-Physician Relationships.

H.T. Fortune, Physics, SAS; Gamow-Teller Strengths in Mid-Mass Nuclei; Pion Production in Light Nuclei .

J. Kevin Foskett, Physiology, Medicine; Function of Inositol Trisphosphate Receptor in Opisthotonos Mouse.

Kenneth Foster, Bioengineering, SEAS; Computation of Induced Fields and Absorbed Power in the Human Body from MRI Imaging.

Jonathan Fox, Medicine, Medicine; Arterial Gene Transfer for Peripheral Artery Restenosis.

Denise Gay, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Medicine; Novel Surface Molecules on Oligodendrocyte Precursors.

Michael Granato, Cell and Developmental Biology, Medicine; The Role of the Zebrafish Unplugged Gene in Axonal Pathfinding.

Gregory Guild, Biology, SAS; Probing Cytoskeleton Formation Using a Gain-of-Function Transgenic Approach.

Daniel Hammer and Scott Diamond, Chemical Engineering, SEAS; Spectrofluorometer for Molecular Bioengineering.

Joan Hendricks, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; Request for Equipment and Supplies to Measure Blood Pressure in an Animal Model of Sleep Apnea.

Fredrik Hiebert, Anthropology, SAS; University of Pennsylvania Central Asia Archaeology Project.

Thomas Hummel, Otorhinolaryngology, Medicine; Gustatory Event-Related Potentials: A New Tool for the Investigation of the Sense of Taste.

Karen Jehn, Wharton; Conflict and Contexts: Antecedents and Effects of Group Conflict in Different Task Environments.

Nicholas A. Kefalides, Medicine, Medicine; Expression of Laminin Subunits in Metastatic and Non-Metastatic Cancer Cells.

Elizabeth Kelly, Biddle Law Library, Law; Expansion of Capability of Linked Digital Image and Text Laboratory Including Delivery of Text Over the WWW and Provision of Environment to Support Research in Information Retrieval.

Lesley King, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; The Canine Survival Prediction Index: Evaluation of Incremental Predictive Calculations for Improved Prediction of Survival in Individual Dogs.

John Lambris, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Medicine; Proposal to Fund an HPLC System.

Mark Lemmon, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Direct Analysis of Homo- and Hetero-Oligomeric Complex Formation in Growth Factor -Receptor Signaling Using Laser Light-Scattering Methods.

Zhe Lu, Physiology, Medicine; The Molecular Mechanism of Polyamine Inhibition of Inward-Rectifier K+ Channels.

David Ludden, History, SAS; Defining Bangladesh: Agricultural Expansion and the Formation of Territory in the Borderlands of South Asia, 1700 to the Present.

Laura Mitchell, Pediatrics, Medicine; Analysis of the Palatal Phenotype in the Velocardio-facial Syndrome.

Emile Mohler, Medicine, Medicine; Non-invasive Ultrasound Imaging of Endothelial Function and Correlation with Lipid Peroxidation Byproducts and Coronary Calcification: A Sibling Study.

S. Philip Morgan, Sociology, SAS; Fertility and Marriage in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Mary Mullins, Cell and Developmental Biology, Medicine; Dorsal-Ventral Pattern Formation in the Zebrafish.

Scott Nettles, Computer & Information Science, SEAS; A Storage Management Test-Bed.

Rebecca Oakey, Pediatrics, Medicine; Cloning Developmentally Regulated Imprinted Genes from Mouse Chromosome 18.

Stanley Opella, Chemistry, SAS; International Workshop on Biomolecular Structure Determination by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.

James Ostrowski and Pedro Ponte Castaneda, Mechanical Engineering, SEAS; The Mechanics and Control of Smart Structures: Theory and Applications.

Howard Pack, Public Policy and Management, Wharton; Education, Technology, and the Performance of African Manufacturing Firms.

Thomas Parsons, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; Regulation of Stimulus Secretion Coupling in the Immune System: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Focal Exocytosis.

Hermann Pfefferkorn, Geology, SAS; Paleoecology of Mid-Carboniferous Floras from the Subtropical Belt of Gondwana: Paleoclimatic and Biogeographic Implications.

Edward Pugh, Psychology, SAS; Matching Funds for Inverted Microscope to Examine Prediction of an Hypothesis about the Fundamental Difference Between Rod and Cone Photoreceptors.

Philip Rea, Biology, SAS; A Yeast Gene Product Responsible for the Vacuolar Sequestration and Detoxification of Organic Xenobiotics and Heavy Metals.

Rafael Rob, Economics, SAS; The Dynamics of Technological Adoption in Hardware/Software Systems: The Chicken and Egg Problem.

Lawrence Rome, Biology, SAS; What Sets Relaxation Rate in the Fastest Vertebrate Muscle?

Bruce Routledge, Anthropology, SAS; Household Production and Social Power at an Iron Age Village: Khirbat Mudaynat 'Aliya, Jordan.

Jacqui Sadashige, Classical Studies, SAS; Roman Things: The Material Subject in Republican Roman Poetry.

Joseph Sanger, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Medicine; Matching Funds for National Science Foundation Grant for Purchase of Laser Tweezer/Scissors.

Susan Silverton, Oral Medicine, Dental Medicine; Nitric Oxide Mediation of Life Span in Human Osteoclast-Like Cells.

Gary Smith, of Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; Culture of the Protozoan Parasite, Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis in the Black Mollie, Poecilia Latipinna.

Margaret Spencer, Education; Investigating and Evaluating Diverse Expressions of Resiliency Among Urban Adolescents.

Kathleen Sullivan, Pediatrics, Medicine; The Role of Four DNA-Binding Proteins in the Tissue-Specific Expression of Early Complement Components.

Norton Taichman, Pathology, Dental Medicine; The Biology of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in Human Saliva.

Henry Teune, Political Science, SAS; Democracy and Local Government: An International Research Base.

Peter Ubel, Medicine, Medicine; A Randomized Controlled Trial of Patient Education to Increase Vaccination Rates.

T. Kyle Vanderlick, Chemical Engineering, SEAS; An Experiment Station to Manipulate and Investigate Insoluble Monolayers Formed at Fluid Interfaces.

Mariusz Wasik, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Medicine; Role of the Cytokine Signal Transduction Pathway in the Pathogenesis of T-Cell Lymphomas.

Saul Winegrad, Physiology, Medicine; A New Signaling Peptide (Protein) Between Cardiac Myocytes and Vascular Endothelial Cells.

David Yousem, Radiology, Medicine; Odor Stimulated Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


Volume 43 Number 24
March 4, 1997

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