Relative Investment Performance on Tax Deferred Annuties

The Benefits Office regularly receives inquiries on the relative performance of investment funds offered under the University's tax deferred annuity program.

Below is a table which shows the performance of the various funds for the period ending 12/31/96. The first column shows an abbreviation for the investment philosophy of the fund. (Abbreviations are described below.) The second column shows the overall asset size of the fund in millions of dollars. Columns three through seven show the performance of the funds over various time horizons. Columns eight and nine show the best and worst year for the last five years.

The Benefits Office will periodically publish this information in Almanac to assist faculty and staff in monitoring the performance of their tax deferred annuity investments. Any faculty or staff member who would like additional information on these benefit programs may call the Benefits Office at 8987281.

-- Albert Johnson, Acting Manager of Benefits


AA 30:40:30 Asset Allocation 30% Stocks:40% Bonds:30% Cash Benchmark Fund
AA 60:35:5 Asset Allocation 60% Stocks:35% Bonds: 5% Cash Benchmark Fund
B Balanced Fund
D Diversified Common Stock Fund
DI Diversified Common Stock Fund With Somewhat Higher Income
FII Fixed Income Fund (Intermediate-Term Maturity)
FIIG Fixed Income Fund (Intermediate-Term Maturity --Government Obligations)
FIJ Fixed Income Fund (Low-Rated Bonds)
FIL Fixed Income Fund (Long-Term Maturity)
FILG Fixed Income Fund (Long-Term Maturity -- Government Obligations)
FIM Fixed Income Fund (Mortgage-Related Securities)
FIS Fixed Income Fund (Short-Term Maturity)
FISG Fixed Income Fund (Short-Term Maturity -- Government Obligations)
MM Money Market Fund
S Specialty Stock Fund
SC Speciality Fund With Small Company Common Stock Orientation

EM Emerging Markets Fund
ICS International Common Stock Fund

GAA Global Asset Allocation 60% Stocks:30%Bonds:10% Cash Benchmark Fund
GCS Global Common Stock Fund

Source: Lipper Analytical Services and fund families.

* Total Return: Dividend or interest plus capital appreciation or depreciation.

CREF Notes:
(1) CREF Equity Index Account was introduced on April 29, 1994.
(2) CREF Growth Account was introduced on April 29, 1994.

Vanguard Notes:
(1) Vanguard Intermediate-Term, Long-Term, and Short-Term Bond Portfolios were introduced on March 1, 1994.
(2) Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Portfolio was introduced on November 1, 1993.
(3) Vanguard Horizon Funds were introduced on August 14, 1995.
(4) Vanguard International Equity Index Fund Emerging Markets Portfolio was introduced on May 4, 1994.


Volume 43 Number 24
March 4, 1997

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