'Red Flags' for Early Warning

Dear Colleagues,

Spring term is well under way: the deadline for finishing last semester's incompletes has just passed; first midterms or assignments are completed. Now is just the time to catch students who are showing signs of trouble so that they can turn themselves around.

One might think that a poor grade would be warning enough, but often a guide toward appropriate assistance is needed to help students change poor study methods or deal with personal problems that are interfering with success. Do speak to those whose work seems in any way shaky.

Refer them to student services for the Faculty Resource Guide; notify their school advising offices (forms for each school should be available in your department's office); or drop me a line. Here is one of those situations in which a stitch in time really does save nine.

-- Alice Kelley, Faculty Liaison to Student Services

See also, Compass article in this issue.


Volume 43 Number 23
February 25, 1997

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