AAUP: Call for Nominations

The nominating committee of the University of Pennsylvania Chapter of the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) has proposed the following slate for the Executive Board for 1997-98.

President: Elsa Ramsden
Vice-President: Morris Mendelson
Secretary: Ira M. Cohen
Treasurer: Erling Boe
Board members: Helen Davies, Janet Deatrick, Marten Estey, Peter Freyd, Reuben Kron, Charles Mooney.

Nominations will be open for Board or Officer positions for two weeks following the publication of this notice. Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary via e-mail at imcohen@eniac.seas.upenn.edu or by phone at 8-7076. If no other nominations are received by March 11, this slate will be declared elected. If other nominations are received an election will be held.

-- Ira M. Cohen, Secretary, AAUP Penn Chapter


Volume 43 Number 23
February 25, 1997

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