"Stanley Cup" Players at Penn

The faculty/staff and student teams have been picked for the
first Provost's Cup in basketball (a.k.a. The Stanley Cup, in honor
of Provost Stanley Chodorow). The teams, listed below, will take to the
court at 5 p.m. Friday, February 21, at the Palestra before the 7 p.m.
Women's Basketball game vs. Dartmouth. DRIA Director Steve Bilsky
will referee the game and Dr. Chodorow will present the trophy to the
winning team. The first 100 people at the game will get souvenir cups.

Faculty/ Staff Team

Larry Moneta, associate vice provost, U. Life, General Manager & Coach
Jere Behrman, prof. of economics
Clint Davidson, vice president, Human Resources
Chris Dennis, dir., Academic Programs in Res.
Katrina Dowidchuk, marketing director, Athletics
Richard Hendrix, associate dean, SAS
Bob Inman, prof.of finance and economics
Peter Linneman, prof. of real estate, finance
Ed Lusk, assoc. prof. of statistics
Betsy Morley, admin. assistant, bioengineering
Laurie Reed, asst. dir.,Academic Support Programs
Michael Reisch, prof. of social work
Rodney Robinson, asst. dir., Programs for Upperclass Students in Residence
Lee Stetson, dean of admissions
Howard Stevenson, asst. prof. of psych. in educ
Becky Taub, assoc. prof. of genetics
Ira Winston, exec. dir. SAS/SEAS Computing
Jennifer Wollman, asst. dir., Alumni Council on Admissions

The Student Team

Christopher Melling, Co-captain
Katherine Minarik, Co-captain
Neil Sheth, General Manager
Jugdeep Bal Tone Barr
Wendy Bass
Gil Beverly
Nathaniel Cortez
Andrei Dudek
Josh Gottheimer
Heather Herson
Scott Meklar
Eric Montagne
Charles Riddick
Yadin Shemmer
Jeff White


Volume 43 Number 22
February 18, 1997

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