Next Steps in Benefits Redesign

At Council Wednesday, the Review and Recommendations of the Benefits Advisory Committee (Almanac Supplement February 11) were summarized and discussed briefly, then placed on the agenda for more detailed discussion at the March 5 meeting.

At the start of the meeting Dr. David Hackney, chair of the Council Committee on Personnel Benefits, said his Committee had received the report on Friday and had just begun its deliberations, and asked Council's wishes on whether to give advice directly to the Benefits Advisory Committee, or to hold comment until a report can be brought to the Council. Hearing no strong views either way, Moderator David Hildebrand ruled that the Committee could make its own choice on routing its advice.

Dr. Barbara Lowery, the co-chair of the Benefits Advisory Committee who gave Council a summary of the recommendations, described an extensive consultation plan that will include meetings with the faculties of the schools.

Also, any member of the University may address questions or comment to the Benefits Advisory Committee by e-mail at benefits@pobox.

Provost Stanley Chodorow urged speed in deliberations, saying that the new packages must be ready for Open Enrollment in April.

At presstime, Almanac was advised that SAS will hold a special Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, February 25, at 4 p.m. in Room 200 College Hall. A summary of consultation plans by the faculty/staff governance groups includes:


Volume 43 Number 22
February 18, 1997

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