University Council Agenda

Wednesday, February 12, 4-6 p.m.
McClelland Hall, The Quadrangle

Members of the University who wish to attend as observers should so indicate by calling the Office of the Secretary, 898-7005.

I. Approval of the minutes of January 22, 1997 meeting

II. Reports of the President and Provost, and of the chairs of the Steering Committee, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, Undergraduate Assembly, Penn Professional Staff Assembly, and A-3 Assembly: Reports and clarifications: 30 minutes.

III. Proposed Policy on Acceptible Use of Electronic Resources (see Almanac February 4, 1997).: Presentation 10 minutes, discussion 20 minutes.

IV. Council Committee Progress Reports on Personnel Benefits (see Almanac Supplement this issue, for Benefits Redesign): Presentation 10 minutes; discussion 20 minutes.

Community Relations.: Presentation 2 minutes; discussion 8 minutes.

International Programs.: Presentation 2 minutes; discussion 8 minutes.


Volume 43 Number 21
February 11, 1997

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