Computer Repair: 'Fixer' Replaces DEC as Campus Agent

The Computer Connection has announced that The Computer Fixer has been selected to replace Digital Equipment Co. as the campus agent responsible for managing and performing computer repair service, authorized to diagnose and repair equipment for several manufacturers including Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard.

The Computer Fixer will accept purchase order payment through FinMIS (choose the "on-campus carry-in" site for the vendor "Computer Fixer") but credit cards are also accepted. The Computer Fixer's store-front location is 201 South 38th Street, between the "BP" discount book outlet in the onetime Kelly & Cohen's location. The manager of their facility is Jay Powell, who can be reached at 898-2082.

Pickup/Deliver: The Computer Connection also announces a new delivery service to facilitate repairs by picking up equipment from departmental locations and returning it on completion of repairs. There is no additional fee for the delivery service; to arrange for it, users call the delivery manager, Tom Lachawiec, at 898-3806.


Volume 43 Number 21
February 11, 1997

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