Scholarship in International Geriatrics

The Institute on Aging has been awarded funding by the Measey Foundation to sponsor the Measey Scholarship in International Geriatrics, enabling five highly qualified Penn medical students to participate in geriatric clinical rotations at the University of Pennsylvania's sister institution, the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. The three primary goals of the scholarship are:

  1. to create a formal and competitive award that recognizes and fosters excellence among medical students with an interest in geriatrics early on in their training;
  2. to provide future geriatricians with the opportunity to broaden their clinical perspective and benefit from one of the world's leading geriatric programs; and
  3. to work collaboratively with medical schools internationally.

Applications are due early in March, and awards will be announced in April. Interested students should contact Sheila Pasupathy at


Volume 43 Number 20
February 4, 1997

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