News in Brief

MLK Events Reminder

All faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorative programs being held throughout the spring semester.

Release time has been authorized for staff to attend Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorative programs on January 20, and supervisors are encouraged to be flexible in granting release time and making arrangements for coverage of responsibilitites.

-- Judith Rodin, President
-- Stanley Chodorow, Provost
-- John Fry, Executive Vice President

Ed. Note: A list of January's commemorative events is in January at Penn, the pullout published in Almanac December 17 and available online. Penn's current homepage features MLK activities through April 23. Enter http://www., or go directly to

Memorial Day/Summer Sessions

Beginning this spring, Summer Session I classes will not be held on Memorial Day, which is a holiday recognized by the University.

Losing this day of classes will require summer school instructors to make some adjustments in scheduling; most probably will decide to hold the missed class on a Friday, a day when summer school classes normally are not held.

A revised, three-year academic calendar will be published in Almanac this semester.

-- Stanley Chodorow, Provost


Volume 43 Number 17
January 14, 1997

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