Search Committee for Dean of SAS

We are pleased to announce the formation of the search committee for the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. Douglas Massey, professor and chair of sociology, has agreed to chair the committee. Serving with him are:
Janice Bellace, professor of legal studies and Deputy Dean, Wharton
Kent Blasie, professor of chemistry, SAS
Anthony Cashmore, professor of biology, SAS
Colin Diver, Dean and professor of law
Oscar Gandy, professor of communication, Annenberg School
Lynn Hunt, professor of history, SAS
Natalie I. Koether, Esq., CW '61 and Chair, SAS Board of Overseers
Bruce Lenthall, Ph.D. student, American Civilization
Mark Rosenzweig, professor and chair of economics, SAS
Justin Shellaway, C '97

Staffing the Committee is Constance C. Goodman of the Office of the Secretary

This search comes at a critical time in the school's history, its future progress will depend in large measure on the vision and leadership of the person selected as Dean. Thus, we are pleased that so many able people have consented to help us in this effort. We stand ready to help the committee in its task and look forward to working with it over the coming months.

--Judith Rodin, President
-- Stanley Chodorow, Provost


Volume 43 Number 14
December 3, 1996

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