COUNCIL Year End Reports, 1995-96

Committee on Open Expression

April 2, 1996

The Committee on Open Expression has issued an advisory opinion to the Judicial Inquiry Officer concerning the circumstances under which representatives of a student newspaper may tape record, and take photographs of participants in, public meetings of campus student groups. The Committee is currently investigating two issues: (1) whether the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy of the NROTC program violates the Guidelines on Open Expression, and (2) whether the confidentiality provisions of the current Code of Student Conduct, and the Provost's proposed amendments thereto, violate the Guidelines on Open Expression.

The chair of the Committee served as an observer at the ground-breaking ceremonies for the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, the meeting of the University Council at which amendments to the Code of Student Conduct were considered, and Vice President Gore's address at the Irvine Auditorium in connection with the 50th anniversary of ENIAC.

-- John C. Keene, Chair

1995-96 Committee on Open Expression
John C. Keene (city & regional planning)
C. Edwin Baker (law)
Jean H. Gallier (CIS)
Hermann Pfefferkorn (geology)
Irving Shapiro (biochemistry/dental).
Lois MacNamara (GSE)
Thomas McCoy (telecommunications).
Adam Cooper (College '97)
Alexander Shevelenko (Wharton '97)


Volume 43 Number 14
December 3, 1996

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