New Fed-Ex Account Numbers: December 17 Deadline

In our on-going efforts to provide additional security to our University Federal Express shippers, we are eliminating the old University-wide account number "1083-0218-6."

Each University shipper will be issued their own personal account number. To date approximately 60% of our Federal Express shippers have been assigned a new account number. (If your department has been issued this new number in the last eight months please disregard this message.)

Effective Tuesday December 17, 1996 the "old number 1083-0218-6" will be deactivated. Shippers using this number after the 17th will not receive the University's 40% discount.

There are no changes in pricing or service offerings related to this effort.

To request a new account number: fax a completed airbill, as you wish it to appear, to Phyllis Vizzachero at 898-1604. An account number will be assigned upon receipt of the completed fax and you will be contacted. Please contact either Phyllis Vizzachero (898-7903) or Chaqueta Marshall (898 -5160) before December 16, 1996, if you have questions regarding this change.

Remember that as of December 17th users of the old number will pay full list price for their shipments.

Thank you for your cooperation and patronage.

-- Phyllis Vizzachero, Penn Mail Services


Volume 43 Number 14
December 3, 1996

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