Forms of Payment at the Computer Connection

To All Purchasers on University Accounts:

This is to outline valid forms of payment for departmental purchases at the Computer Connection. You may use FinMis generated purchase orders, the Penn ProCard, and the new Computer Connection requisition form.

The requisition form is for exclusive use at the Computer Connection (the Bookstore will have its own requisition in the near future).

Details on proper use of the Computer Connection requisition are:

  1. The requisitions are available for pick-up at the Computer Connection. Any representative from a University department with a valid PENNCard can obtain the blank forms. We will be distributing the forms in quantities of 15 per visit.

  2. Purchases on a requisition can total up to $5000 (this is an increase over the previous limit which was $500).

  3. As in the previous system, the requisition form must be embossed with a valid TAC card, signed by the appropriate administrator, and must include the 26-digit departmental budget code. Incomplete forms will be invalid for purchase.

  4. The header of the form should contain the departmental information. The PENNCard ID number of the bearer of the requisition should be filled out in the appropriate space.

  5. Upon presentation for payment at the store, the bearer of the requisition is required to present a valid PENNCard; the bearer should sign the requisition at the time of purchase.

The requisitions are available immediately at the Computer Connection. Because they are forms of tender, we are asking that you have a representative obtain the forms in person at the store.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: phone 898-3102, fax 898-0647, or e-mail:

-- Christopher Bradie, Manager


Volume 43 Number 10
October 29, 1996

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