Steppin' Out November 6

The University's Real Estate Office in conjunction with University City Associates and the local merchants in Penn owned retail complexes are planning to have our own version of "Make It a Night." We are planning a "Steppin' Out Night" in University City in which we are encouraging the merchants to stay open late those nights and promote/cross promote merchandise, have sales and give away prizes.

Penn is going to underwrite the marketing and promotional costs and will attempt to obtain various forms of street entertainment. Our goal is to create pedestrian traffic and street activity for the local university community and busineses. We have been promised support from Penn's Police Department. Incidently this planning began in the Spring and is not a reaction to the recent events on and around campus.

Our kick-off night will be Wednesday November 6. Three more Wednesday nights are planned prior to the year end break. If anyone in the University community would like to join our planning group or volunteer your services please contact Helen Walker at hwalker@pobox.

-- Christopher D. Mason, Associate Treasurer


Volume 43 Number 9
October 22, 1996

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