Speaking Out

Your Workplace as 'Volunteer'

I want to urge colleagues to volunteer their work sites as training grounds for a vibrant program being done in cooperation with University City High School.

In this third year of what is known as the Publication Charter program, some 25 students of UCHS have been receiving in-school preparation for this "school-to-work" program. Now, while continuing to be advised and instructed by their school coordinator during school hours, they are ready for the after-school "work-site" part of the program. This will make them available to Penn offices two hours a week, from now through June 1997. Time and day are flexible and can be discussed with the coordinator. Your experience as a supervisor and mentor are the most important factor in the program, for you may be giving a teenager his or her first "inside look" at the world of work.

This is a great way to provide community service while at the work-place. The program coordinator will be happy to speak with you about the young people and the program. Contact Fiona Conway at 732-5333, fconway@sas.upenn.edu, or get in touch with me at 898-2020, ragsdale@pobox.upenn.edu.

-- Bonnie Ragsdale, Associate Director, Center for Community Partnerships


Volume 43 Number 9
October 22, 1996

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