This year, the first in which the 25-Year Club offered members an option to attend either a traditional week-night dinner or a weekend brunch--and to bring their spouses--423 members and 78 spouses chose the October 4 dinner at the University Museum, while over 110 members with 66 spouses came to the Faculty Club brunch October 12, many of them staying for the Penn-Columbia game at Franklin Field. At the Faculty Club brunch, Provost Stanley Chodorow congratulated the group on their collective 3000 years of experience. At the Museum dinner, President Judith Rodin quoted Samuel Johnson (Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance), adding, "It has taken the good works and dedication and, yes, perseverance of those of you here tonight, and countless others like you, to make the University of Pennsylvania one of America's premier universities. ....You can be very, very proud of what you have accomplished here."

Photographs are by Anne F. Wetzel, a 25-year Club member who was with Dean's Office in GSFA for many years before her retirement, and is now in a second career as photographer. Some of her recent work will be shown in the Faculty Club's Burrison Gallery in January.

Photos (top to bottom):

First photo: President Rodin
Second: Left to right: Three Retirees, Maude Tracy, Development Records, Pat Hanrahan, International Programs; Sara Mullen, VP/Treasurer's Office with Joe Burke, currently at ULAR. Ms. Hanrahan took office this year as Club President.
Third: Club Secretary Duncan Van Dusen and friend.
Fourth: Dr. Sidney Bludman, Physics, with Dr. Gerald Porter, Mathematics
Fifth: Gloria Jones, Student Financial Services, with Delores (Dee) Bristow of SSW

The 112 Newest Additions to the Twenty-Five Year Club at Penn

Ms. Shirley Albergottie-Amoah, Library
Ms. Narendra Anand, Development
Ms. Bernadine B. Baker, VP Finance
Dr. Luis Blasco, Medicine
Ms. Eva Brauer, VP Finance
Dr. Joseph Beyer Bray, Medicine
Ms. Dolores M. Bristow, Social Work
Dr. Arthur S. Brown, Medicine
Ms. Diane D. Brown, Dining Services
Ms. Margaret L. Buckley, Statistics
Ms. Carolyn P. Burdon, Faculty Senate
Mr. Francis H. Cavone, University Police
Mr. Louis S. Clementi, Transportation/Parking
Ms. Rachel Katz Cogan, Wharton
Dr. Robert M. Cohn, Pediatrics
Ms. Constance C. Colbert, Athletics
Ms. Jennifer J. Conway, Wharton
Dr. David G. Cook, Medicine
Dr. Malcolm C.L. Cox, Medicine
Dr. John David Cummins, Wharton
Dr. Ronald P. Daniele, Medicine
Dr. William Hunt Davenport, Museum
Mr. James W. Davis, Dining Services
Ms. Deborah Ann Day, Dining Services
Mr. Edwin Francis Deegan, Library
Dr. Paul F. Engstrom, Medicine
Dr. Nancy M. Farriss, History
Mr. David Foss, University Library
Ms. Delores C. Foster-Kennedy, Medicine
Dr. Ralph T. Geer, Medicine
Dr. Thomas N. Gilmore, Health Care Admin.
Ms. Eleanor Giorgio, Comptroller
Ms. Barbara Goldschneider, Student Fin'l Aid
Ms. Gretchen Green, Dining Services
Dr. Robert A. Grossman, Medicine
Dr. William L. Hanaway, AMES
Dr. Robert Ian Harker, Geology
Ms. Joanne E. Hemingway, University Library
Mr. Charles Edgar Hires, Medicine
Ms. Doane K. Hollins, University Library
Ms. Annabelle O. Jellinek, Dental Medicine
Ms. Lillie B. Jones, Nursing
Dr. Norma B. Kahn, The College
Dr. Kays Hussein Kaidbey, Medicine
Dr. Alice Kelley, English
Ms. Ruth Keris, Biochemistry
Dr. Lin V. Klein, Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Edward T. Lally, Dental Medicine
Dr. James M. Larkin, Education
Dr. Bong S. Lee, Medicine
Mr. Vincent R. Lippre, Physical Plant
Dr. Morton Litvin, Dental Medicine
Dr. William Barstow Long, Medicine
Dr. Paul A. Lotke Medicine
Dr. Tom C. Lubensky, Physics
Dr. Rob Roy MacGregor, Medicine
Dr. Zoriana M. Malseed, Nursing
Dr. Roberto S. Mariano, Economics
Dr. Melvin L. Masloff, Medicine
Mr. Andrew Roxburgh McGhie, LRSM
Ms. Alice M. McGlinn, Medicine
Ms. Dorothy Miller, Dining Services
Ms. Lillie Mitchell, Development
Mr. Anil M. Mokashi, Medicine
Ms. Ruth I. Murphy, Romance Languages
Dr. Jack H. Nagel, Political Science
Dr. Ali Naji, Medicine
Mr. Hitoshi Nakazato, Graduate Fine Arts
Dr. Eugene Narmour, Music
Dr. Charles D. Newton, Veterinary Medicine
Mr. Takeo F. Orishimo, Medicine
Dr. Hasan Ozbekhan, Management
Ms. Ella M. Parker, Physical Plant
Dr. John R. Percival, Finance
Ms. Beverly Pomerantz, Psychiatry
Mr. Manuel M. Ponce de Leon, Dental Med
Ms. Elva E. Power, International Programs
Dr. John Albert Quinn, Chemical Engineering
Mr. John Charles Righter, Physical Plant
Dr. Thomas S. Robertson, Marketing
Dr. Noel M. Rowan, Medicine
Dr. Neal Abbe Rubinstein, Medicine
Dr. Eleanor L. Ryder, Social Work
Dr. Kenneth R. Sandler, Psychiatry
Mr. William M. Schilling, Student Financial Aid
Dr. Louise Schnaufer, Medicine
Mr. Harmer F. Schoch, University Museum
Dr. Michael E. Selzer, Neurology
Dr. Allan S. Shaw, Dental Medicine
Dr. Michael B. Simson, Medicine
Dr. Richard Sloane, Law School
Mr. John Richard Smith, Physical Plant
Dr. Richard C. Squillaro, Dental Medicine
Dr. Bernard D. Steinberg, Electrical Engineering
Mr. Richard E. Stoebenau, UMIS
Ms. Marietta Suber, Dining Services
Dr. Charles Walter Thayer, Geology
Ms. Jacqueline Thompson, Dining Services
Dr. Jeffrey Howard Tigay, AMES
Ms. Virginia A. Topkis, Veterinary Medicine
Mr. Hugh L. Turner, University Library
Mr. Ronald L. Turnier, UMIS
Ms. Margaret M. Ulrich, Law School
Mr. Richard W. Wallace, Physical Plant
Ms. Dolores W. Welch, Veterinary Medicine
Mr. Robert E. Wentz, University Library
Ms. Jenette H. Wheeler, Student Health
Ms. Wanda Saline Williamson, Dining
Dr. Andrew Winokur, Psychiatry
Mr. Richard I. Woodruff, Biology
Mr. Orlean Woods, Dining Services
Dr. George E. Woody, Psychiatry


Volume 43 Number 9
October 22, 1996

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