Penn Women's Center: Responding to Safety and Security Issues

The Penn Women Center has, since its inception in 1973, addressed campus safety issues as its major priority. Women's special safety needs formed the core of this work, which continues today addressing issues of rape, sexual assault, dating violence, sexual/racial harassment and discrimination, among other issues.

These are some ongoing initiatives:

  1. Individual consultation about personal safety strategies.

  2. Individual crisis intervention.

  3. Individual counseling for victim/survivors.

  4. Individual counseling for supporters of survivors (friends, family, partners, faculty, coworkers, etc.).

  5. Support groups for women victimized by various forms of violence.

  6. Respond to incidents involving groups (Du Bois College House, Harassment and stalking in the workplace, etc.).

  7. Participation in University responses to incidents (e.g., Patrick Leroy, AlMoez Mohammed, Meera Ananthakrishnan, Cyril Leung, Tyrone Robinson).

  8. Educational programs for student organizations, residences, sororities, etc. designed to meet specific needs.

  9. Self defense courses as workshops, series, etc.

  10. Consultation for faculty, staff, parents, alumni, etc.

  11. Information and referral.

  12. Training for faculty and staff regarding these issues and how to respond.

  13. Developing and distributing educational materials.

  14. Coordination of an Annual Meera Memorial.

  15. Collaboration with other campus offices, departments and groups.

  16. Participation in policy development/implementation, including training.

  17. Participation in University Council Safety and Security Committee and subcommittees.

  18. Participation in Acquaintance Rape/Sexual Violence Task Force.

  19. Support for student initiatives such as STAAR and Sorority Programs.

  20. Educational programs addressing special safety issues/incidents affecting campus [International women students and scholars; Women of color issues; Threepart Women's Student Safety Seminars].

  21. Sponsoring national. regional, and local conferences [i.e. Ending Campus Violence: Decisions and Directions].

  22. Cosponsoring programs with a variety of community groups addressing safety issues (Women's Against Abuse, Women Organized against Rape, Philadelphia Health Department, Women's Law Project, etc.).

-- Elena DiLapi, Director
-- Gloria Gay, Associate Director


Volume 43 Number 8
October 15, 1996

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