Modem Change: Longer Sessions on 14.4 and Express Modem

ISC is modifying session limits for PennNet modem services, effective Tuesday, October 15. The modifications are being implemented after careful analysis of modem usage patterns following the changes announced on October 1.

Please be aware that there will be service disruptions affecting all modem services on October 15, between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.while the changes are being implemented.

Documentation explaining how to configure your PPP software for the new 28.8 Express Service is available from the Computing Resource Center and by following links at For assistance, contact help@isc or call 573-4778.

For updates on changes to modem services, call 573-4778 or check

-- Noam H. Arzt, Information Systems and Computing

PennNet Modem Access--Quick Reference Chart

(please save for reference)

Phone Number Maximum Speed Session Limit No. of Modems

215/573-4777 (PPP only) 28.8Kbps 1 hr. 192

215/573-9773 (PPP only) 28.8Kbps 30 min 128

215/898-0834 14.4Kbps 4 hrs. 288

610/444-5593 14.4Kbps 4 hrs. 12


Volume 43 Number 8
October 15, 1996

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