Council: After Safety Update, a Preview of Tasks Ahead

Safety was both a scheduled agenda item and the topic of opening statements by President Rodin and others as the University Council met Wednesday, October 9.

Chris Crawford, the Delaware resident initially released on bail in the shooting of Patrick Leroy, had been re-arrested and charged with two more incidents of armed robbery the same night, and his alleged companion, Albert Bandy, remained in custody with bail set at $150,000. Patrick Leroy had been released from HUP. At a morning meeting the Mayor, Philadelphia Police, L&I and PECO had pledged to do more for the campus and for West Philadelphia; the Undergraduate Assembly's Safety Awareness campaign was in progress on Locust Walk; and Executive Vice President John Fry had just announced at a press conference the $3 million high-tech project with Sensormatic to increase residential and outdoor security.

At the meeting Dr. Rodin announced both that campus police strength would soon be increased by 19 (ten new positions, plus the filling of 9 vacancies), and that PennBus and Escort Services would be dramatically expanded by the time students return from break on October 16. (See details.) In the floor discussion that followed, there was brisk discussion and a steady stream of suggestions, many of them on revitalizing West Philadelphia's economy and infrastructure. Responding to the Faculty Senate's position statement last week (Almanac October 1), Dr. Anthony Tomazinis outlined a monthly round table called Reversal of Fortunes that starts October 23 at GSFA (See details.). The agenda then turned to other topics:

21st Century: Dr. Stanley Chodorow gave an overview of progress toward the redesign of undergraduate education, with emphasis on preparing tomorrow's leaders. A report is expected shortly for publication.

Staff Activities: As chair of the PPSA Marie Witt announced the A-1 staff group's forthcoming panel discussion on communications, to be held October 28. As a member of the Business Services staff working on the Food Services Study she announced that Karen Wheeler of the A-3 Assembly has agreed to serve on the Study Team in addition to those announced in Almanac October 1.

Research Committee: The 1995-96 report was accepted, and graduate students' recommendations for change in the Committee's charge were deferred until the scheduled discussion of the charges of committees.

Committee Charges: In addition to the standing charges in the bylaws, each committee now receives a list of current issues to examine. These were discussed committee by committee and suggestions for change were made in the cases of Athletics, Community Relations, Research, Student Activities and others. Following review by the Steering Committee, these charges will be published.

Agenda for the Year: The draft outline discussed October 9 shows some detail for the next two meetings of Council:

November 13: Extended reports of the President and Provost that make up the annual State of the University report.

December 4: Annual Open Forum, for which speakers register in advance.


Volume 43 Number 8
October 15, 1996

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