Emergency Blue Light Phones: Where They Are Now

Last week on Locust Walk, the Undergraduate Assembly gave out copies of this map (~475k) showing present sites of phones that automatically signal Penn Police when the receiver is lifted.

Blue Light Phones are marked with a dot, and the inset shows three of them beyond 41st Streetone at the Penn Children's Center on the old Divinity School site, and two at the 4200 Pine Street location where Institutional Planning and other University offices are located. One reason for their sparseness outside the main campus boundaries, Safety and Security's Tom Seamon said, is that until it became technically feasible to install cellular phones in outdoor public locations, each placement required street excavation or other complex installation. The department's security director, Chris Algard, said last week that work can start on placing some 66 new phones by or before November 1. In addition to increasing the number of phones, one objective is to regularize the placement so that pedestrians can know to expect a phone at each intersection. A new map will also be produced for widespread distribution.

Map Source: University of Pennsylvania Department of Facilities Planning May 1995


Volume 43 Number 8
October 15, 1996

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