Speaking Out

For 'Beyond Belief', a Believer

On leaving the Institute of Contemporary Art after viewing "Beyond Belief," I was pleased to learn that the show will continue on view until October 27. Just one visit is not enough. There is too much of interest and studious discovery to observe in one visit.

Past ICA exhibits have too often flown in the face of popularly held concepts of what constitutes art. And, I admit, my credulity was often sorely challenged.

In the case of the "Beyond Belief" show, however, it would be fair to say that we are being served up a rich smorgasbord of foodforthought. The thirteen artists from East Central Europe whose work is shown at the ICA are beneficiaries of an important historical happening. Their art is a byproduct of the collapse of communism in their respective homelandsan event which served to liberate artistic expression.

Not content with painting pretty pictures and creating classical sculpture, the work of these artists reflects the diverse range of human experience, both abstractly and realistically. But central to the group's striving for artistic expression is the desire to explore new artistic horizons.

-- Maurice S. Burrison
Director, Faculty Club Art Gallery


Volume 43 Number 7
October 8, 1996

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