Food Services Study Team

In Almanac September 10, Executive Vice President John Fry said a consultative committee would be appointed to guide a comprehensive market study of Penn Dining Services. This week Mr. Fry announced that the campus members below will serve as a Steering Committee to work with the Cornyn Fasano Consulting Group, who have been named to conduct the study.

Steven D. Murray, Vice President, Business Services
Dr. Larry Moneta, Associate Vice Provost for University Life
Don Jacobs, Executive Director, Hospitality Services
Dr. Peter Steiner, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Faculty Master of Modern Languages College House
Dr. Christopher Dennis, Director of Academic Programs in Residence
Melissa Tatro, Student Payroll Coordinator, Dining Services
Samara Barend, Undergraduate Assembly
Tal Golomb, Undergraduate Assembly
Sanjay Udani, Graduate and Professional Student Association
Janet Gordon, Office of the Vice President for Finance
Marie Witt, Director, Support Services, Business Services


Volume 43 Number 7
October 8, 1996

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