Council: Electronic Privacy Motions Pass

On Wednesday the University Council adopted unanimously, as three separate motions, the resolutions offered by the Committee on Communications toward the adoption of policies on electronic privacy. The three motions, presented by Dr. Martin Pring, the incoming Communications Chair, with last year's co-chair Ira Winston, advise the the President to:

-- adopt the Policy on Privacy of Electronic Information (published as a draft in Almanac March 19).

-- move toward adoption of the Policy on Student Privacy in University Residences (published as a revised proposal in Almanac September 24).

-- maintain the electronic policies as discrete in relation to other communications policies.

To allow time for questions on safety issues (in this issue), Council accepted but did not discuss the Bookstore Committee report. Acceptance was with a proviso from the incoming chair, Dr. Stuart Erwin, that the Report is subject to correction in a passage which indicated that the University Press did not give discounts to the Bookstore.


Volume 43 Number 6
October 1, 1996

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