Wanted: Cast-Off Computers for Schools

If you have upgraded your computer system and you have an outdated computer, printers or associated equipment which you are no longer using, please consider donating this equipment for use in the Philadelphia City High Schools. Ingrid Waldron runs a series of workshops for city high school biology teachers, and they have been very grateful for past donations which they have put to good use in their classrooms. Peter Conn is working on faculty and curriculum development at University City High School, and they also would be grateful for donated computers.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Ingrid Waldron (898-8396 or iwaldron@sas) or Peter Conn (898-5726 or pconn@english) to make arrangements.

--Ingrid Waldron, Professor of Biology
Peter Conn, Professor of English

Kindergarten Open House at Powel

The Samuel Powel Elementary School, a Philadelphia public school at 36th and Powelton, will hold its annual Kindergarten Open House & Tea on Wednesday, October 2, from 10 until noon. Parents of prospective kindergartners for the class entering in the Fall of 1997 are most welcome.

Admitted children will be welcomed to an open house in the spring as well.

Applications to Powel for all grades are being accepted for the '97-'98 school year. For more information, call Mrs. Margaret Graves, Principal, at 823-8201.

Colleagues and neighbors can call me, a long-time Powel parent with two graduates and one current second-grader, to learn more about Powel; I'm at 729-3663 evenings.

-- Jo-Ann Verrier, Assistant Dean for Career Planning & Placement, Law School


Volume 43 Number 6
October 1, 1996

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