Research Foundation Awards for Spring Cycle 1996

In this issue are new guidelines for application to Penn's internally-funded Research Foundation. Below, the Vice Provost for Research, Dr. Ralph Amado, announces the recipients and projects funded in the Spring 1996 cycle.

Paul Axelsen, Pharmacology, Medicine; Kinetics Controller for Rapid Scanning FTIR Spectroscopy.

Leonard Bello, Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicine; The Role of Upstream Elements in the Control of mRNA 3"-end Formation in Herpesvirus -Infected Cells.

Susan Blum, Anthropology, SAS; Deception and Truth in China.

Nancy Bonini, Biology, SAS; Molecular Genetics of Brain Degeneration: Brain Pathology of Genetic Models for Degenerative Disease.

Dawn Bonnell, Material Science & Engineering, SEAS; Variable Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy for Studies of Atomic Structure and Bonding in Oxides.

Amy Brooks-Kayal, Neurology & Pediatrics, Medicine; Developmental Regulation of GABAA Receptor Expression.

Thomas Childers, History, SAS; War and Experience.

Rachel Croson, Information Management, Wharton School; Personality Characteristics and Supply Chain Management Decisions.

William DeGrado, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Analytical Ultracentrifugation of Macromolecules.

Jacques deLisle, Law School; No Wei Out?: The Trials of China's Most Enduring Dissident and the Dilemmas of Law in the Era of Deng Xiaoping and Hong Kong, 1997: Legal Visions, Political Institutions and the Return to Chinese Rule (with a co-author).

Guy Diamond, Psychiatry, Medicine; Development of a Family-Based Treatment for Adolescents with Major Depression.

Harold Dibble, Anthropology, SAS; The Middle Paleolithic Industries of Pech de l'Aze IV (France).

Ron Donagi, Mathematics, SAS; Research Proposal on the Interactions of Algebraic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory.

Lisa Downing, Philosophy, SAS; Empiricism and Newtonianism: Locke, Berkeley, and the Decline of Strict Mechanism.

Peter Drain, Physiology, Medicine; Molecular and Integrative Physiology of K ATP Channel Mutants and the Control of Glucose-Sensitive Insulin Release.

William Ewald, Law School; Research Grant for Completion of Two Books.

Ann Farnsworth-Alvear, History, SAS; Pacific Blackness: Nationhood and Locality in the Colombian Choco.

Jay Farrell, Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicine; The Role of Interferon-y-Inducing Factor (IGIF) in the Development of T Helper Type 1 Responses and Immunity to Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Mice.

Alan Filreis, English, SAS; The Literature and Culture of the Cold War, 1945-60.

Robert Finkelstein, Neuroscience, Medicine; Segment Polarity Genes in Drosophila Head Development.

Robert Forster, Physiology, Medicine; To Upgrade Computer Control of Mass Spectrometer for Stable Isotope Measurements.

Mark Fortini, Genetics, Medicine; Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease-Related Genes in Drosophila.

Mary Foster, Medicine, Medicine; Environmental and Genetic Effects on Expression of Germline Nephritogenic Autoreactivity.

Susan Freiwald, Legal Studies, Wharton School; The Magnitude of Scale: Communications Technology and Legal Change.

Yale Goldman, Physiology, Medicine; Time-Resolved Fluorescence Polarization of Single Fluorescent Molecules Detected by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy.

Raymond Gorte, Chemical Engineering, SEAS; and David White, Chemistry, SAS; Solid-State NMR Spectrometer Console and Work Station.

Jinyong Hahn, Economics, SAS; The Role of the Propensity Score in the Efficient Semipara-metric Estimation of the Average Treatment Effect.

Bea Hollander, Psychiatry, Medicine; Transcending Trauma: Exploring Psychological Mechanisms of Survival.

Erika Holzbaur; Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; Trans-genic Models for Motor Neuron Disease.

Anne Hubbard, et al, Radiology, Medicine; Magnetic Resonance Microscopy of Cardiac Development in Normal and Genetically Altered Mouse Embryos.

G. John Ikenberry, Political Science, SAS; Liberal Competence: The Performance of Democracy in Great Power Balancing.

Francis Johnston, Anthropology, SAS; Physical Growth and Mental Development of Guatemala City School Children.

Cristle Collins Judd, Music, SAS; Tonal Structures in Early Music.

Roland Kallen, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Novel Approaches to the Determination of Membrane Protein Structure: Application to Voltage-Sensitive Sodium Channels.

Igor Kopytoff, Anthropology, SAS; Archival Anthropological Research at London Economics (Papers of Phyllis Kaberry).

Karen Kozarsky, Molecular and Cellular Engineering, Medicine; In Vivo Characterization of the Scavenger Receptor SR-BI as a High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Receptor.

Abba Krieger, Statistics, Wharton School; Detecting Out of Control Systems Under Linear Drift.

Paul Liebman, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Action of General Anesthetics on G Protein Function and Structure.

Michael Madaio, Medicine, Medicine; Molecular Analysis of Goodpasture's Autoantibodies.

Vicki Mahaffey, English, SAS; Research Foundation Grant for Publication Costs, Shattered Images, Playful Desire: Wilde, Yeats, and Joyce, and Research Money for De-Siring Women: Female Acculturation and the Fairy Tale.

Francis Mante, Restorative Dentistry, Dental Medicine; Cell Attachment to Titanium Single Crystal.

Marie-Louise Mares, Annenberg School for Communication; Re-Examining Children's Comprehension of Television.

Dimitri Metaxas, Computer & Information Science, SEAS; Interactive Virtual Environment for Modeling Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Margaret Mills, Folklore & Folklife, SAS; South Asian Folklore: An Encyclopedia: Publication Preparation (Final Year).

Patricia Molloy, et al, Neurology, Medicine; Pilot Study of Evaluation and Treatment of TumorRelated Obesity in Pediatric Patients with Hypothalamic/Chiasmatic Gliomas.

Katherine Molnar-Kimber, Surgery, Medicine; Destruction of Non-CNS Tumors by Herpes Simplex Type 1 Mutants.

James Muhly, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, SAS; The Lead-Isotope Analysis of Some Bronze Artifacts from the Late Bronze Age Southern Levant (Israel and Jordan).

John Murray, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; Understanding the Design of Molecular Motors.

John Murray, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope and Associated Imaging Equipment.

Vivianne Nachmias, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; 5kDaActin-Binding Peptides (Beta Thymosins): Structure and Binding Sites.

Margit Nass, Radiation Oncology, Medicine; Developing Novel DNAProtein Targeting Models Applicable to Gene Therapy of Human Mitochondrial Diseases.

Philip Nichols, Legal Studies, Wharton School; Analysis of Contract Law in Emerging Economies with Reference to Formal and Informal Institutions.

Harvey Nisenbaum, et al, Radiology, Medicine; The Cost Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Procedures Using an Activity-Based Cost Accounting System.

Eric Orts, Legal Studies, Wharton School; Shirking and Sharking: Agency Costs and Agency Law in the Theory of the Firm Revisited.

Burt Alan Ovrut, Physics, SAS; Penn-Russian Theoretical Physics Collaboration.

Maurizio Pacifici, Anatomy & Histology, Dental Medicine; Indian Hedgehog and Limb Skeletal Development.

Vicki Petropoulos, Restorative Dentistry, Dental Medicine; Comparative Study of the Wear of Implant Overdenture Attachments.

Stephen Paul Phipps, Geology, SAS; A Possible On-Land Ser-pentinite Mud Volcano, Southwestern Oregon Coast Ranges.

Stephen Paul Phipps, et al, Geology, SAS; X-Ray Diffractometer Studies of Clay Minerals: Applications in Biogeochemistry, Paleoclimatology, and Tectonics.

Holly Pittman, History of Art, SAS; Final Publication of the Glyptic Art from Tal-i Malyan, Ancient Anshan Capital of Elamite Iran: 3200-1500 B.C.

Scott Poethig, Biology, SAS; Reverse Genetics in Arabidopsis Thaliana.

Eric Posner, Law School; The Political Economy of Personal Bankruptcy.

Gregory Possehl, Anthropology, SAS; Excavations at Lakhueenjo-daro, a Settlement of the Indus Civilization.

Robert Preucel, Anthropology, SAS; The Kotyiti Archaeological Research Project.

Glenn Radice, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medicine; Regulation of Cell Adhesion and Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18).

Michele Richman, Romance Languages, SAS; Durkheim Among the Disciplines: Rejection and Renewal in the Inter War Period.

David Roof, Physiology, Medicine; Mutational Analysis of Kinesin KIP1 Function in Mitotic Spindle Assembly and Checkpoint Surveillance.

Jean Sanger and Joseph Sanger, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; Purchase of Inverted Microscope to Study Live Cells.

Norbert Scherer, Chemistry, SAS; Laser-Detected Polarizability Scanning Probe Microscopy.

Edward Scott, Molecular & Cellular Engineering, Medicine; Functional Analysis of Proto-Oncogene PU.1 During Lymphoid and Myeloid Development.

Eero Simoncelli, Computer & Information Science, SEAS; An Optical Range-Measurement Camera.

John David Skrentny, Sociology, SAS; The Rights Revolution.

Wesley Smith, Classical Studies, SAS; A Contribution to Study of Jewish Medical Theory and Practice in the 2nd Century AD.

W. John Smith, Biology, SAS; Structure and Function of the Carolina Wren (Thryothorus Ludo-vicianus) Song System.

Matthew Sommer, History, SAS; Sex, Law, and Society in Late Imperial China.

Wenchao Song, Pharmacology, Medicine; The Biology and Regulation of Estrogen Sulfotransferase.

Martin St. John Sutton, Medicine, Medicine; Impact of Load Alteration on Regional Myocardial Function and Remodeling in Chronic Aortic Regurgitation.

Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, SAS; Liao Architecture Maps and Photographs.

David Stern, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, SAS; Three Jewish Books and Their Histories.

Eileen Sullivan-Marx, Nursing;.

Nurse Practioner Survey of Relative Work Values for Evaluation and Management.

Gabriel Szulanski, Management, Wharton School; Appropriative Capability: Scope in the Replication of Organizational Routines.

Jacqueline Tanaka, Pathology, Dental Medicine; Does Ibogaine Inhibit Drug-Craving by Altering Gene Expression in Selective Neurons?.

Jane Vanderkooi, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Protein Dynamics Studied by Phosphorescence.

Gregory VanDuyne, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Non-Radioactive Study of Protein: DNA Interactions Using Fluorescence Imaging.

Cynthia Ward, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; Regulation of Egg-Induced Sperm Activation by Monomeric G Proteins.

Tandy Warnow, Computer & Information Science, SEAS; Phylogeny Construction Algorithms: Implementation and Performance Analysis.

Mariusz Wasik, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Medicine; Role of the Jak/STAT Signal Transduction Pathway Associated with Y chain of the Receptor for Interleukin-2 (IL-2R) in the Pathogenesis of Malignant T-Cell Lymphomas.

David Weitz, Physics, SAS; Diffusing Acoustic Wave Spectroscopy.

Eugene Wolf, Music, SAS; The Origins and Early History of the Symphony (Conclusion of Research Phase).

John Wolfe, Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicine; In Utero Gene Therapy.

Irene Wong, et al, Social Work; A Pilot Investigation of Racial and Ethnic Differences in Subsistence Strategies in the Face of Housing Emergencies.


Volume 43 Number 6
October 1, 1996

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