A-3 Assembly

Nominations October 2, Election October 9

It is again time for the Executive Board of the A-3 Assembly to hold nominations and elections to the Board and various Committees of the A-3 Assembly. There are 8 vacancies existing on the Executive Board of the A-3 Assembly. The nominations meeting is on October 2 at the Lauder-Fischer Boardroom, and the election is on October 9 at Houston Hall, in the Smith-Penniman Room, both from noon to 2 p.m.

This constituency has gained the support and respect of the University community and it is each A-3's responsibility to insure that the past efforts of many do not become dormant. It is the role of the Executive Board to reflect the diversity and views of the University and this constituency. We seek a blend of diverse members to represent and communicate to others the relevant issues pertaining to members of the A-3 Assembly.

It is essential that we receive input in this important process from all A-3s on campus. Your input is important and we invite you to nominate individuals from your Schools, Centers and Departments who would best represent the wide range of concerns and issues relating to A-3 staff at Penn. A-3 staff members are an integral part of the University community and play a vital role in many committees of the University Council.

We ask that you complete a nomination by listing the name, position title, campus phone and e-mail address of your nominee, and forward this information to the A-3 Nominations and Elections Committee:

c/o Yvonne Mclean
256 S. 37th St. 3rd Flr. L-F Hall/6330
e-mail: mcleany@wharton
c/o Shawn Flack
3533 Locust Walk/6226
e-mail: flack@ben.dev.

-- Karen E. Wheeler Chair, A-3 Assembly


Volume 43 Number 6
October 1, 1996

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