Research Opportunities

German-American Grants

The German-American Academic Council Foundation manages the Transatlantic Research Cooperation Program (TransCoop), which supports cooperative research projects between German, US and Canadian scholars in the humanities, social sciences, law and economics with up to $60,000. The US/Canadian research partners must secure matching funds in the amount applied for from the Foundation. The maximum duration of sponsorship for each project is three years. Applicants must at least have a Ph.D. Awards are made twice a year, and the next application deadline is December 15, 1996. Application forms are available in the Office of International Programs, 133 Bennett Hall/6275.

The GAAC operates in two main areas of activity and supports numerous projects in these areas: studies of mutual interest to scientists, scholars, and policy-makers in both nations that address social, economic, scientific, technological or other issues programs to develop and sustain permanent networks of cooperative activities among young scientists and scholars in the two countries.

Detailed information about the Foundation, its structure, mode of operation and projects is available from the GAAC Home Page (http://www.access. (link no longer available) and OIP'S home page (

-- Office of International Programs

Minority International Research

The Minority International Research Training Program will begin its 1996-97 Recruitment Drive on October 1, 1996 through January 15, 1997. The application deadline is February 3, 1997. For more information call 898-5208. E-mail your application requests to:

-- Deborah Wallace, Coordinator
Minority International Research Training


Volume 43 Number 5
September 24, 1996

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