Penn VIPS: A Questionnaire for the University Community

Penn VIPS is celebrating its sixth year of existence at the University of Pennsylvania. This program began because Penn staff, faculty and alumni wanted to make a difference in our West Philadelphia community. In 1992, Penn VIPS became affiliated with the newly formed Center for Community Partnerships, directed by Dr. Ira Harkavy. On July 1, 1996, I transferred into the Center full time, to coordinate volunteer initiatives involving staff, faculty and alumni.

To ensure that we continue to operate quality programs and offer volunteer opportunities that make a difference in our community, I will need your continued support. Please take a few moments to answer and return this questionnare. The questionnaire is for informational and planning purposes only. Note that you may check more than one answer to these questions. Thank you!

Center for Community Partnerships

Name ______________________________________

Campus Address______________________________

Campus Phone _______________________________

E-mail Address_______________________________

Fax ________________________________________

1. Would you be willing to particpate...?

__ 1 hour per month
__ 3 hours per month
__ 1 hour per week
__ Need flexibility

__ Prefer after work
__ Prefer weekends

2. What community causes interest you?

__ Children and Youth
__ Homelessness
__ Health
__ Drug and Alcohol Abuse
__ Literacy
__ Arts
__ Environment
__ Elderly
__ Housing
__ Economic Development
__ Other: _______________________________ _______________________________________

3. Would you be interested in workplace mentoring?

__ Yes
___ No

4. What other talents can you share through volunteerism?

__ Grant-writing assistance and/or training
__ Organizing
__ Fund-raising
__ Marketing
__ Tutoring Math
__ Literacy
__ GED Preparation
__ Creative Writing
__ Newsletter
__ Computer Learning
__ Arts & Crafts
__ Home Repair
__ Career Counseling
__ Job Search Skills
__ Resume Writing
__ Home Buying Tips
__ Business Plans
__ Video Equipment
__ Music
__ Drama
__ Interactive Programs
__ Board Membership
__ Drill Team Management
__Other: _____________________________________________________________

Please Return to:
Bonnie Ragsdale
Center for Community Partnerships
133 S. 36th Street Suite 519/3246


Volume 43 Number 5
September 24, 1996

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