The 'Guide to Student Services' is Online

Dear Colleagues,

I know that many of you in past years have looked forward to the September delivery of an updated Faculty Resource Guide to Student Services so that you could find appropriate help for students experiencing various difficulties at Penn.

This year the Guide is not available in hard copyboth the need for frequent updating and the cost of publication have sent me to another medium. Currently the guide lives on my homepage (where I can make changes as needed) and can be reached directly at: (link no longer available).

I have built in links to the homepages of the various services and email links to those who can serve as consultants (including myself), so there is actually more information available in this version than in the paper one.

So, if you have a student having any sort of academic or personal trouble, or one who wishes information about grants or resources available, do turn to the computerized Guide for help. It has proved useful to many over these past few years, and I hope it will be as accessible in its electronic form.

Alice van Buren Kelley
Faculty Liaison to Student Services


Volume 43 Number 5
September 24, 1996

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