Redesign of Benefits for Faculty and Staff

The President, Provost and Executive Vice President have charged a Benefits Redesign Advisory Committee to oversee a thorough review of the University's benefits programs and to report back to them by January of 1997.

The committee is to consider ways to respond to concerns about compliance with federal regulations and concerns about costs and complexity of Penn's benefits while at the same time maintaining a market competitive program for faculty and staff. The members of the committee are listed below.

Barbara Lowery and H. Clint Davison, Co-chairs

Dr. David Kozart, Past-Chair, Medical School Faculty Senate Steering Committee
Stephen Golding, Vice President for Finance
Gavin Kerr, Associate Vice President, Human Resources Medical Center
Betty Thomas, A3 Assembly; Executive Secretary to the Associate Vice President of Finance
Dr. Barbara Lowery, Co-Chair, Associate Provost
Dr. Olivia Mitchell, Professor of Insurance and Risk Management Wharton School
Dr. Michael Wachter, Deputy Provost
Marie Witt, Penn Professional Staff Association; Director, Support Services
Dr. Robert Hornick, Professor of Communications, Annenberg School
Dr. David Hackney, Chair, Personnel Benefits Committee; Associate Professor of Radiology/Medicine
H. Clint Davidson, Jr., Co-Chair; Vice President, Human Resources


Volume 43 Number 5
September 24, 1996

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