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With respect to the exchange of letters in the September 10 Almanac on whether Escort Service should be curtailed to Center City, we believe that the University's limited services and resources are best focused on the neighborhoods west of campus on which Penn's future well-being most depends. The overall goal of all Penn's efforts in this area are well-stated by Managing Director Seamon--to make the campus area (we would expand this to include the residential areas around campus) a "more vibrant place to shop, dine and gather [by generating] a heavy, constant flow of pedestrians."

We also agree with Frances Hoenigswald that there is a need for open and informed discussion by people who use the Escort Service and those who control policy in this area about the Service's purpose and scope before any major change in policy is implemented. Penn's future depends fundamentally on its success in the next 5-10 years in providing a stable, living/learning environment in its surrounding neighborhoods. How Escort Service evolves is an important part of that future.

--Richard Shell, Professor of Legal Studies, Wharton, endorsed by the following subscribers to pfsni@mec.sas.upenn.edu, the list-serv of Penn Faculty and Staff for Neighborhood Issues

Janet G. Ackerman, Associate Director, Development and Alumni Relations
David B. Brownlee, Professor of the History of Art
Ann Blair Brownlee, Research Specialist, University Museum
Carolyn P. Burdon, Executive Assistant to the Faculty Senate Chair
Marie-Francoise Chesselet, Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology
Doris S. Cochran-Fikes, Director, Alumni Secondary School Committees, Admissions
Linda G. Cook, Research Specialist, Student Health Services, VPUL
Roberta L. Dougherty, Bibliographer & Head, Middle East Technical Services, University Libraries
Mihaela Farcas, Assistant Director, Office of Off-Campus Living
Robert Gelfand, Assistant Director, Institute For Environmental Medicine
Mary Morris Heiberger, Associate Director, Career Planning & Placement, SSW
Mary Day Kent, Coordinator, International Classroom, Museum
Elaine Hughes Jenson, Assistant to the Dean, GSE
Eric J. Johnson, Professor of Marketing, Operations & Information Management
Anne E. Kringel, Legal Writing Director, Law School
Lynn Hollen Lees, Professor of History
Paul Lukasiak, Administrative Assistant, SSW
Gerard McCartney, Executive Director, Wharton Computing Info Technology
Ann E. Mayer, Associate Professor of Legal Studies
Hannah Poole, Business Administrator, History
Terry Reisine, Professor of Pharmacology
Michele Richman, Associate Professor of French
Brian M. Salzberg, Professor of Neuroscience & Physiology
Brian Spooner, Professor of Anthropology
Joyce C. White, Research Specialist, University Museum
David Williams, Professor of Psychology


Volume 43 Number 4
September 17, 1996

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