Council Topics for September 24:
Electronic Privacy, Bookstore, Safety, Restructuring

At its first fall meeting, to be held Wednesday, September 25, from 4 to 6 p.m. in McClelland Hall at the Quad, the University Council will continue discussions that began last year on the Committee on Communications Draft Policy on Privacy of Electronic Information (Almanac March 19, 1996) and Draft Policy on Student Privacy in University Residences (Almanac April 16, 1996, with revisions scheduled to be published next week).

Council will hear two year-end committee reports, one from the Bookstore Committee and the other from the Committee on Safety and Security (both scheduled for publication next week).

Executive Vice President John Fry will also give a ten-minute update on administrative restructuring, including details of Financial Management Information System (FinMIS) difficulties, followed by a twenty-minutes discussion period.

The final item is Council's overall agenda for 1996-97.

Members of the University who wish to attend as observers should contact John Wells at the Office of the Secretary, 898-7005.


Volume 43 Number 4
September 17, 1996

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