WXPN-FM: Vincent Curren

Vincent Curren, acting general manager of WXPN-FM (88.5) since January 1, was named General Manager on August 6, taking office immediately to head the University's award-winning radio station.

A veteran of 20 years in broadcasting including nine years' association with the Penn station, Mr. Curren was chosen after a national search to succeed Mark Fuerst, who left the University last year to become a consultant to the 35 top non-commercial FM stations in the country.

"Our search identified many fine, indeed outstanding candidates, but none better suited than Vinnie Curren," said Barbara Stevens, Vice President and Secretary of the University. "He has a keen appreciation for the wide range of issues associated with public radio today, and he has been instrumental in fashioning WXPN-FM's distinctive style."

Mr. Curren took his bachelor's degree in psychology from SUNY/Buffalo in 1972 and studied communication arts at Wisconsin and organizational dynamics at Penn. He was chief engineering at WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin, and producer-director at WKOW-TV in Madison before joining WXPN-FM in 1987 as assistant manager for programming and operations. In this period of his programming leadership WXPN-FM won three Gold Awards from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a George Foster Peabody Award, and numerous other awards. He became assistant station manger for operations in 1991, with responsibility for planning, financial and technical management.

In 1994, Mr. Curren became assistant station manager for development, starting an upward curve in listener support by raising more than $1 million in FY1995, up 10% from the previous year, while reducing the use of air-time for fundraising by 40%. Two of his fundraising innovations at WXPN-FM include the CD of the Month Club and The World Cafe Sampler CD, which together accounted for more than $250,000 of this year's fundraising. Mr. Curren also directed the launch of Kids Corner, the Peabody award-winning program hosted by Kathy O'Connell, and was heavily involved in the development of the current local format and The World Cafe, now syndicated by Public Radio International.


Volume 43 Number 3
September 10, 1996

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