To the University Community

Wanted: Advisors for the Student Disciplinary System

We invite all members of the community to participate in the implementation of the new Charter of the University of Pennsylvania's Student Disciplinary System* by volunteering to serve as an Advisor.

Any University faculty member, staff member, or student in good academic and disciplinary standing may serve as an advisor.

An Advisor helps students involved in disciplinary proceedings to understand the disciplinary process, respect and comply with the provisions of the Charter. Students involved in the Disciplinary System include complainants, witnesses, and respondents. Advisors help students prepare for meetings and hearings and advisors may accompany students to meetings and hearings. More importantly, advisors offer students guidance and support throughout the disciplinary process.

Advisors play an essential part in the Disciplinary System. The Advisor is the person best situated to turn the student's experience with the Disciplinary System into an educational one.

To volunteer to serve, or to obtain more information, contact Sybil M. James at 898-5651 or

Office of Student Conduct

* The Charter and related documents are published Of Record in the center insert of this issue. Ed.


Volume 43 Number 3
September 10, 1996

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