Speaking Out: More Than Art

Anyone planning to see the show now on view at the Arthur Ross Gallery (also in Meyerson Hall) should be prepared for an enlightening, if soulwrenching, experience. The exhibit, Confronting Cancer Through Art, is much more than an art show.

The art work, contributed by some forty artists, is highly professional, and, in many ways, so beautifully executed as to almost cause the viewer to overlook the nature of the frightening message. In each case the artist supplies his or her rationale for their entry, a work resulting from the artist's response to their own bout with the disease, or to the affliction of someone close. The subject matter may be graphically literal or rendered abstractly. It may express sad resignation to the ravishing effects of cancer or reflect the triumphant spiritual conquest of it.

Much credit for putting this show together is due the Penn Medical Center, working together with the Ross Gallery staff. It demonstrates, most effectively, the benefits to be derived from marrying the Fine Arts to the Art of Medicine. To have organized and mounted a remarkable exhibit such as this one required the herculean labors of a dedicated collection of individuals. We should be grateful to them for having shed some light on one of the darker corners of the human experience.

Maurice S. Burrison
Director, Faculty Club Art Gallery


Volume 43 Number 1
July 16, 1996

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