Dental Care: Coverage for Penn Retirees Open Enrollment Until September 15

The Dental Care Center of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine is offering a new dental care coverage plan to a selected portion of the Penn community. The Penn Faculty Practice Plan will provide many University retirees with an affordable, convenient way of meeting their dental health care needs.

In developing new ways for its retirees to obtain attractive dental health coverage, the University is moving against a tide among employers to reduce commitments to retirees. Through this plan, University Retirees will have the opportunity to take advantage of comprehensive dental coverage that can be continued throughout the retirement years.

Dr. Robert Tisot, Director of the Dental Care Center, notes that the new PFP Plan for University Retirees provides the same quality care, with the same comprehensive benefits, that Penn employees have enjoyed since 1981, when the Penn Faculty Practice began offering an alternative to traditional dental insurance for University faculty and staff.

Dr. Raymond Fonseca, Dean of the School of Dental Medicine, highlights the success that the Penn Faculty Practice has had in delivering high-quality dental health care and in improving the level of oral health of a large group of people with diverse needs. According to Dean Fonseca, "Penn is an international leader not just in dental education and research, but in patient services as well. This program is a demonstration of our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of delivery of care."

For eligible University retirees, including those who are covered under University retiree medical benefits or who are eligible for University retiree benefits, an open en-rollment period is ongoing from June 15 to September 15. Eligible retirees are receiving information about the plan through the mail.

Additional information about the Penn Faculty Practice Plan can be obtained by calling 573-7243.

James Gallbally, Associate Dean, Dental School


Volume 43 Number 1
July 16, 1996

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