This message is part of an occasional series of advisories for faculty.

Books, Money, and Student Stress

Dear Colleagues,

Last year I happened upon a particular problem that may interfere with a student's academic success, one that all of us can help to prevent. It is not uncommon for students receiving financial aid to find that the processing of grants and loans ignores the boundaries of the semester so that money to purchase books arrives well after the term has begun. Such students may try to borrow books from their friends or hope to catch up once the texts can be purchased, but these plans often go astray.

If each of us makes sure to put on reserve several copies of the texts we are assigning, students who are having trouble finding money for books wouldn't be caught at a disadvantage. Bulk packs provide a special problem, for, as I understand it, some firms forbid putting copies on reserve, but by placing individual articles on reserve instead, we can make these materials available to those who cannot afford copies of their own.

Thank you in advance for forstalling this problem.

Alice Kelley, Faculty Liaison to Student Services


Volume 43 Number 1
July 16, 1996

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