Council: An E-mail Experiment

The University Council voted at its October 11 meeting to experiment for a semester with the use of e-mail in sending its agenda and minutes to members. Dr. David Hildebrand introduced the initial motion from the Steering Committee

" distribute the Council minutes and agenda by e-mail for this semester on a trial basis. Agenda would also be distributed by intramural mail, preliminary documents would continue to be distributed by intramural mail, and final reports would be published in Almanac in advance of Council discussion. Copies of reports would be available at the meeting."

A friendly amendment provides paper copies to those who do not have access to e-mail (estimated to be about seven).

Another proposal called for development of a Council Home Page on the Web and the placement of the Council mailings on it, but Dr. Helen Davies questioned the appropriateness of sending minutes beyond the mailing list before they have been corrected and approved. Moderator Will Harris said it would be contrary to the bylaws to do so. Suggestions made during discussion of the draft charges to committees, (Almanac October 10) will go to the Steering Committee for consideration, Mr. Harris said.