A-3 Employee of the Month: Elva Power

Ms. Elva Power, an administrative assistant in the Office of International Programs (OIP), was named the A-3 Employee of the Month for September in the A-3 Assembly's recognition program. After receiving advanced secretarial training in Barbados, Ms. Power was at the Wharton School, then in the Office of the Vice President for Management, before joining the Office of International Programs sixteen years ago.

"Ms. Power is a truly exceptional, dedicated employee who exemplifies the ideals of international education that constitute both the core mission of [the OIP] office and a major priority for the University," said the Director of International Programs, Dr. Joyce Randolph. "Weathering the ever-increasing work load of the office, including organizational transitions in various areas over the years, Ms. Power has not limited herself to a strictly circumscribed set of duties."

She provides key support to three people--the director, the associate director and the assistant director--each of whom is responsible for distinct operations and projects, including institutional linkages abroad, exchange programs, graduate fellowships abroad, and undergraduate study abroad. "Despite her multiple reporting, Ms. Power uses good judgment in prioritizing her work appropriately, completing tasks in a timely and meticulous manner, and assisting her supervisors in organizing their work efficiently," Dr. Randolph said. Ms. Power also has major responsibility for specific projects of her own, such as the International Inventory of faculty expertise and international activities. "More than requiring no supervision, Ms. Power actually anticipates the needs of both her supervisors and the office in general," Dr. Randolph added, "A model of diplomacy and professionalism, Ms. Power projects an image of competence and dignity for the office; she represents the office extremely well when dealing with persons within the University, outside Penn, and beyond the borders of the United States. In my view, Ms. Power is more than a secretary, she is the glue that holds this office together and she represents OIP's communication link to the world."