Draft Charges of the University Council Committees and Independent Committees, 1995-96

The general charge to each Council committee appears in the Bylaws of University Council. A more specific focus for each Committee's work during 1995-96 is described below. Council will discuss changes or additions at the October 11, 1995, meeting at 4 p.m. in McClelland Lounge, The Quad.

Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid Chair: Robert Giegengack

Continue assessment of the effectiveness of Penn's marketing and student recruitment efforts from initial student contact through actual enrollment. Suggest ways to improve recruitment efforts in the context of ongoing review of admissions policies and the planned transition to 21st Century Undergraduate Experience. Review and assess implementation of the McGill Report. Also, advise the Admissions Office and Schools regarding the development of electronic applications and records processes.

Bookstore Committee Chair: Carl Aronson

Solicit community feedback on recent enhancements of Bookstore services and products and development of franchise businesses within the Bookstore. Suggest strategies for improving the availability of used textbooks to Penn students by the Bookstore and outside vendors. Suggest strategies for increasing faculty utilization of Bookstore text services. Advise on the development of electronic marketing of Bookstore services on the PennWeb and e-mail access to the Bookstore by faculty and students. Organize sub-committee to advise on future development of the Computer Connection. Develop a conception of an ideal Penn Bookstore to guide planning for a permanent Bookstore facility.

Communications Committee Co-Chairs: Ira Winston, James O'Donnell

Continue to advise on the development of University communications strategies, particularly the ongoing transition from print to electronic dissemination and the effective coordination of school and University publication, including the movement of directory and roster information from print to electronic media. Advise on the development of an Electronic Privacy Policy, an Acceptable Use Policy for all University electronic networks and facilities, and on the shift from PennInfo to the PennWeb infrastructure for electronic information.

* Community Relations Committee Chair: Margaret Cotroneo

Working closely with the vice president for government and community relations, focus on ways Penn and other area institutions can be partners with the community and serve as catalysts for economic, educational and other forms of development in West Philadelphia. In particular, focus on economic development in the areas immediately adjacent to campus and on advising the Center for Community Partnerships on new program opportunities.

* Committee on Facilities Chair: Anthony Tomazinis

Develop with the director of environmental health and safety recommendation on possible changes in Penn's policy on smoking in residential areas and non-residential buildings.

* International Programs Committee Chair: Vivian Seltzer

Continue focus on identifying the needs of international students. Advise the Office of International Programs on ways to expand and improve orientation and programming for international students.

* Library Committee Chair: Rebecca Bushnell

Work with the vice provost for libraries to develop current and long- range library space and funding strategies.

Personnel Benefits Committee Chair: David Hackney

Continue to work with Human Resources on long-range benefits planning for the University, and ensure that issues studied by the committee last year (benefits for part-time professionals, staff tuition benefit, etc.) are integrated into benefits planning. In particular, assist in orienting the new vice president for human resources to the Penn community, review the benefits aspects of the proposal on Penn Parenting Policies forwarded by the Faculty Senate, review benefits coverage for temporarily reduced-time employees, assess the costs and benefits associated with the proliferation of health plans, advise on the improvement of information dissemination on changes and enhancements to health plan options (such as PennCare), review equity issues associated with forthcoming IRS regulations affecting retirement plans, and review annuity options in retirement plans.

Committee on Pluralism Chair: Helen Davies

Continue to monitor planning for the 21st Century Undergraduate Experience, residential living, human resources, administrative restructuring, and community outreach by the Daily Pennsylvanian, as these relate to the issues of diversity and pluralism. Develop new strategies for the maintenance of a diverse University community, and consider a more active role in organizing or supporting public forums on issues of diversity and community that arise during the course of the year.

* Committee on Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics Chair: Ed Lusk

Continue comprehensive review of recreation policies and services, especially as these meet or fail to meet the needs of staff and students. Continue to develop long-range assessment of athletic facilities, especially locker room and weightroom facilities.

* Committee on Research Chair: Ruzena Bajcsy

Assist the acting vice provost for research to assess the impact of changes in federal research support, develop long-range planning for new research institutes, maximize the positive impact of the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, define and develop the role of the Office of Technology Transfer, advise on the update of the Conflict of Interest Policy, and assess the role of graduate students in research across the University and compensation policies for student participation in research.

Committee on Safety and Security Co-Chairs: Sean Kennedy, Marilyn Hess

Continue to advise the administration regarding current safety issues, such as conduct at athletic events, alcohol on campus, organization and evolution of escort services, the effectiveness of safety education efforts, street-crossing/traffic safety concerns, evaluation and enhancement of the Community Walks program, new building security arrangements, effectiveness and implementation of the ban on day-time bicycle riding on Locust Walk and central campus walkways, etc. In particular, assist in orienting and educating the newly appointed managing director of public safety to the safety concerns and needs of the Penn community, and participate in ongoing safety and security planning processes.

Committee on Student Affairs Chair: Dennis DeTurck

Focus on future planning for student services in the light of the evolving 21st Century Undergraduate Experience initiative and reorganization of student services. Examine the interface between students seeking help with immediate problems and University offices and services, including the use of electronic information technologies. Examine graduate student academic and campus life issues, including graduate student activities space needs. Assess the effectiveness of students services in meeting the needs of students generally, as well as of specific groups of students.

Independent Committees

Student Fulbright Awards Committee Chair: Susan Silverton

Recommend ways to broaden Penn's successful participation in Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall and other fellowship and awards competitions. Prepare and propose an amendment to the Council's Bylaw's to broaden the standing charge of the committee to include these other award and fellowship programs and to rename the committee the "Student Awards and Fellowships Committee."

Disability Board Chair: Erwin Schmidt

In addition to its standing responsibilities for the evaluation of the disability plan for employees and hearing appeals in disability cases, the committee will examine disability issues related to short-term employees and the application of Federal age-discrimination law to employees over age 70.

** Committee on Honorary Degrees Chair: Robin Hochstrasser

Solicit nominations of individuals for honorary degrees to be awarded at University commencement and advise on nominations for the award of medals of achievement.

** Committee on Open Expression Chair: John Keene

Pursuant to the jurisdiction and procedures outlined in the Guidelines on Open Expression, monitor communication processes to prevent conflicts that might emerge from failure of communication, recommend policies and procedures for improvement of all levels of communication, investigate alleged infringements of the right of open expression of any member of the University community, advise administrative officers where appropriate, and participate in the evaluation and resolution of conflicts that may arise from incidents or disturbances on campus.

* Tentative charge, carried forward from 1994- 95.

** Reflects standing charge of the committee, from University Council Bylaws.

Council Agenda for October 11

I. Approval of the minutes of September 20, 1995

II. Reports of the President, Provost, Chair of the Steering Committee, and Chairs of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, Undergraduate Assembly, Penn Professional Staff Assembly and Chair of the A-3 Assembly. Time limit for reports and clarifications: 30 minutes

III. Discussion on distribution of University Council minutes and agenda by e-mail. 15 minutes

IV. Discussion on 1995-96 University Council agenda (below). 10 minutes.

V. Discussion on 1995-96 University Council Committee Charges (above). 25 minutes.

VI. Presentation and discussion on administrative restructuring. 40 minutes.

VII. Adjournment by 6 p.m.

Outline Agenda for Council 1995-96

September 27, 1995

This draft agenda includes the items recommended by the Council Steering Committee and University Council, the routine reporting of Council committees, and the two

extended reports from the president and provost stipulated in the bylaws. There may be unforeseen matters that arise during the year that will be placed on the agenda. The last two meetings of the year are left unspecified in terms of focus in order to accommodate agenda items that may need to be postponed from earlier meetings.

-- William L. Kissick, Chair,
University Council Steering Committee

Committee reports remaining from previous year
Report by the provost on Provost's Council on Undergraduate Education
Revised Judicial Charter

Selection of focus issues for the academic year
Discussion on committees charges for 1995-96
Report on administrative restructuring

Extended reports by the president and provost on the "state of the University" including Provost's Council
on Undergraduate Education committee memberships and charges

Open Forum

Interim committee reports (as available)
Discussion on undergraduate education


Interim committee reports (as available)
Report on administrative restructuring

Final committee reports (as available)
Unfinished agenda items

Final committee reports (as available)
Unfinished agenda items
Preliminary discussion of next year's focus issues