The Fortieth Annual Dinner of the
Twenty-Five Year Club

Preparing for her first visit to a 25-Year-Club dinner, President Judith Rodin
said she expected a small gathering. There were nearly 500 faces in the crowd she
met Thursday night at the Penn Tower Hotel ballroom, where she praised the strength,
continuity and wisdom of the veteran faculty and staff. "In the midst of planning the Penn
of the 21st Century on the magnificence of the Penn of the 20th, I ask your help--
your experience and your knowledge of what has made Penn great--
for that is what we have to build upon. You reflect the past, and you will
carry us to the future."

This year's was the fortieth annual dinner of a Club founded under the late
Dr. Gaylord Harnwell with the aid of his secretary, Marion Pond. The only membership
requirement is to be on the faculty or staff of Penn for 25 years, in any rank or capacity.
The Club has only one membership activity: its annual dinner, long on mingling and short on speeches,
with a traditional finale of Penn songs and the group's well-executed "wave" to The Red and Blue
(which, former Club chair Bruce Montgomery points out, is sung "Come all ye loyal classmates," now.)

There is, finally, only one piece of Club business: As Nora Bugis, the retired
business administrator of Chemistry, left office, she turned the chair of the Club over to Patricia
Hanrahan of International Programs, who has been the Club's secretary for several years and is
succeeded in that role by Duncan Van Dusen of the Secretary's Office. The nominating committee chair,
Joseph Burke, then announced that the new chair-elect will be Comptroller Al Beers, with Mr. Van Dusen
renominated as secretary for 1997-98.

Juniors and Seniors:
Above left, the new chair-elect,
Comptroller Al Beers (who has
only been here 31 years) greets the
onetime Club secretary Maud Tracy,
whose 65-year tie with the
University includes not only her five
decades with Alumni Records but
several years' volunteer service
in the Provost's Office after
she retired. Center left: The noted surgeon
Dr. Jonathan E. Rhoads, who
chaired the Club in 1983-84,
is in his 64th year as a member
of the Penn family. At left is the 1996-97 chair of
the Club, Patricia Hanrahan.

108 Years
and Counting:

Two generations
of Penn staff,
at left, have a
combined affiliation
of 108 years. Retired
Physical Plant Supervisor
Eugenia Hill joined in 1955
and her husband, Jim (left),
a retired mechanician at the
Engineering School, joined
a year later. Their son is
Cpl. James Hill of the
University Police (right),
who started at the Museum
in 1966 and became a police
officer three years later.

Above, left to right, are Biochemistry/Biophysics' Administrator Juan Grana,
President Judith Rodin, outgoing chair Nora Bugis, and two new members--
Dr. Renee C. Fox, Annenberg Professor of Social Sciences, and
Dr. Howard Hurtig, professor of neurology.

With its 40th anniversary in mind, the 25-Year Club found in its archives this list of men and women of all ranks who have headed the organization.

The Roster of Chairs

1956-57     John M. Fogg, Jr.
1957-58 Norbert Braceland
1958-59 James H. S. Bossard
1959-60 MacEdward Leach
1960-61 S. Reid Warren
1961-62 Oscar V. Batson
1962-63 H. Jamison Swarts
1963-64 E. F. Stover
1964-65 George B. Peters
1965-66 George W. Taylor
1966-67 Donald S. Murray
1967-68 Marian W. Jones
1968-69 Calvin F. Kay
1969-70 John A. Goff
1970-71 E. Gordon Keith
1971-72 George E. Munger
1972-73 Mary E. Crooks
1973-74 W. Richard Gordon
1974-75 G. Malcolm Laws
1975-76 R. Jean Brownlee
1976-77 Raymond C. Saalbach
1977-78 Digby Baltzell
1978-79 Morris Hamburg
1979-80 Una Deutsch
1980-81 Joseph S. Gots
1981-82 Edward F. Lane
1982-83 Daniel J. O'Kane
1983-84 Jonathan E. Rhoads
1984-85 Camella Greenway
1985-86 Bruce Montgomery
1986-87 Marion F. Pond
1987-88 Arleigh Hess
1988-89 Samuel J. Cutrufello
1989-90 Virginia Scherfel
1990-91 Douglas R. Dickson
1991-92 Matthew Stephens
1992-93 Stanley Johnson
1993-94 Dan McGill
1994-95 John DeCani
1995-96 Nora Bugis
1996-97 Patricia M. Hanrahan
1997-98 Alfred F. Beers

Recognition for the 'Younger Set'

In September 1993, the University began a Service Recognition Program to show appreciation to longtime faculty, administration and staff members who are not yet eligible for the Twenty-Five Year Club. At periodic gatherings hosted by deans or center heads, gifts are awarded that include a silver University emblem pin for the tenth anniversary, a silver- plated picture frame with a University emblem for the fifteenth, and a Franklin Mint medal for the twentieth. Everyone receives a certificate from the President and Vice President for Human Resources, and a letter from their dean, vice president or administrative unit head.

The 25-Year Club's New Members, 1995-1996

Elias Abrutyn                      Medicine
Mark B. Adams Arts & Sciences
Marsha M. Allen Dental Medicine
Fay Ajzenberg-Selove Physics
Janet Marie Ansert Registrar
Richard J. Aucamp Vet. Medicine
Gwendolyn J. Ayers Stud. Fin. Svcs.
Lawrence F. Bernstein Arts & Sciences
Jeannette Booker Stud. Fin. Svcs.
Alice C. Borowik Medicine
Clarence A. Brest Admissions
Charles H. Bronk Arts & Sciences
Shelley G. Brown SEAS
Raymond Burns Op/Maintenance
Edward C. Cain U. Library
Patricia Ann Callahan Law Library
Danforth L. Campbell New Bolton Ctr.
Howard S. Caplan Medicine
Lois H. Carter Social Work
Donna Lee Casagrande Medicine
Angelina Castro Medicine
Sally Chapman Medicine
Prokash K. Chowrashi Medicine
Ming-Ming W. Chua Medicine
Ronnie E. Cimprich Vet. Medicine
Irene Patricia Clements SEAS
Nicholas D. Constan U. Counseling
Antonio Michael Cosby Aux. Enterprises
Susan C. Coslett Grad. Fine Arts
Elizabeth Davis Aux. Enterprises
Hazel B. Dean Dental Medicine
Anthony J. DiMarino Medicine
Robert C. Douglas SAS Computing
John W. Duckett Medicine
David M. Dutot Grad. Fine Arts
Mary E. Duvall Aux. Enterprises
Malcolm L. Ecker Medicine
Ronald Edwards Aux. Enterprises
Karl Engelman Medicine
David J. Eskin Medicine
Manoucher Fallahnejad Medicine
Warren Ford Medicine
Ren┌e C. Fox Sociology
David L. Gasser Medicine
Consuelo G. Gayoso Medicine
Robert F. Gelow Arts & Sciences
Ancil R. George U. Library
James W. Gibbs Lippincott Libr.
Frank B. Gill Arts & Sciences
Stanley Goldfarb Medicine
Felice Gollotti U. Library
David J. Graves SEAS
John R. Hansell Medicine
D. Jeffery Hartzell Medicine
Pauline Hilton Res'l Living
Hazel I. Holst Medicine
Robert L. Honish Medicine
Michael J. Houton Aux. Enterprises
Robert C. Hunsicker Medicine
Robert M. Hunt Medicine
Howard I. Hurtig Medicine
J. Dennis Hyde U. Library
Jeffrey S. Ingber Dental Medicine
David R. Jobes Medicine
Saul L. Katzman Arts and Sciences
Nicholas A. Kefalides Medicine
Kenneth L. Kershbaum Medicine
Arline Kohn Medicine
Thomas F. Kozlek Medicine
Teresa A. Kuester U. Library
Peter J. Kuriloff Education
Jerome Lane Op/Maintenance
Frantz Latour Medicine
Fred C. Letterio Medicine
Esther Lobb Medicine
Deana L. Loh U. Library
Barbara Jean Lowery Nursing
Gary L. Martin U. Library
Roberta C. Metelits Medicine
Louis F. Metzger Medicine
Joseph Mirarchi Op/Maintenance
Lawrence J. Moran Op/Maintenance
Anne M. Morrison Aux. Enterprises
Christa L. Moser Medicine
Darlene Muldrow Aux. Enterprises
Frances A. Opher VPUL Office
Janet R. Pack Wharton
Dale S. Penrod Surgery
Carolyn Pine Student Services
Lucille E. Potts Op/Maintenance
Stephen H. Putman City Planning
Patricia J. Reichle Vet. Medicine
Wolfram Rieger Medicine
Sandra C. Riley Aux. Enterprises
William John Rivel Op/Maintenance
Joseph S. Rizzuto Op/Maintenance
Willie Robinson ULAR
Louis F. Rose Dental Medicine
Arnold J. Rosoff Wharton
Gloria H. Sammons Dental Medicine
Martin E. P. Seligman Psychology
Joan M. Shaughnessy Aux. Enterprises
Leslie M. Shaw Medicine
Phebe W. Shinn Annenberg Sch.
Javad Sholehvar Medicine
William H. Simon Medicine
Robert Slater Medicine
Peter J. Snyder Medicine
Haywood Starks Aux. Enterprises
Anna M. Stieber Medicine
Virginia Ann Tinkler U. Library
Stephen Tobin U. Library
Robert M. Toborowsky Medicine
Rodney Trautz Op/Maintenance
Frank Trommler Arts and Sciences
John H. Valentine Medicine
Marlene D. Vaughan-Combs UMIS
Anthony V. Ventello Op/Maintenance
Ronald A. Wagner Dental Medicine
William R. Wagner Athletics
James A. Walden Aux. Enterprises
Gerald S. Weintraub Dental Medicine
James E. Wheeler Medicine
William J. White Op/Maintenance
Martin Wolf SEAS
William J. Wysong Op/Maintenance

Photos of Dr. Rhoads and Ms. Hanrahan are by Duncan Van Dusen. Other photos are by Mark Garvin.