Crime Alert--Thefts from Autos in Garages

On Friday, September 15, the Penn Police received multiple reports of thefts from, and criminal mischief to, autos parked in Garage #37, on the east side of 34th & Chestnut. Entry to the autos was gained by breaking windows. Items taken include: cash, mobile phones and assorted personal items. If you have any information about these incidents, please call one of these numbers:

Penn Detectives: 898-4485
Victim Support/Crime Prevention Unit:
898-4481 or 898-6600 (24 hrs.)

On October 12, 8-10 a.m., officers from Victim Support/Crime Prevention will be at Garage #7, near the Museum (South & Convention Avenue) and on October 19, 8-10 a.m., they will be at Garage #14 (northwest corner of 38th & Spruce) to distribute auto-theft prevention literature and sell The Club (an anti-theft device for vehicles) at $32. Checks will be accepted from faculty, staff and students holding a valid PENNcard.

Safety Tips:

* Do not leave any valuables in plain view. If you do not take your valuables with you, be sure to secure them inside your trunk prior to arriving at your destination.

* Avoid leaving your vehicle for prolonged periods of time, especially at night or on unattended lots.

* Report anyone who behaves suspiciously to Penn Police. Try to remember details about the person's appearance and the area where the person was last seen. Relay all information to the dispatcher.

* Know the exact locations of the Blue Light Emergency phones in areas which you frequent.

* As always, when there is a problem, use the Blue Light Emergency phone for immediate contact with the Penn Police Department. Open the box and lift the receiver or push the button to speak with a dispatcher.

-- Lt. Susan M. Holmes