ACLU at Penn: ''Lessons for Civil Liberties'

The 1995 fall Conference of the Philadelphia Branch, American Civil Liberties Union, is to be held at Penn Law School September 24, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and is open to all members of the University. It is titled Mumia Abu Jamal-ACLU-Lessons for Civil Liberties.

The keynote speaker at 10 a.m. is David Rudovsky of the Law School faculty, who is also local counsel for Mumia Abu Jamal. He will discuss civil liberties issues in the case. Five workshops follow:

Mumia Abu Jamal: A Central Role for the First Amendment, led by Professor Rudovsky and Vic Walczak, executive director of the Pittsburgh ACLU and amicus counsel on the federal civil suit.

Police Accountability, Community Responses to Corruption and Brutality, by Bradley Bridge of the Defender Association; Will Gonzalez, exectuive director of the Police-Barrio Relations Project; and Stefan Presser, legal director of the Pennsylvania ACLU.

Tuition Vouchers: Public Support of Religious Education, by Professor Burton Caine of Temple Law School, Nancy Smith of the League of Women Voters, and Larry Frankel, legislative director of the Pennsylvania ACLU.

Affirmative Action--Still Needed Today, by Professor Muriel Morisey Spence of Temple Law School; Barbara DiTullio, president of Pennsylvania NOW; and Professor Elijah Anderson, University of Pennsylvania sociology department.

Megan's Law--The Scarlet Letter Syndrome, by Professor Ronald K. Chen of Rutgers-Newark Law School, counsel in Megan's Law suit; Enny Cramer, president of the Joseph J. Peters Institute providing treatment for sexual offenders; and Karl Baker, president of Philadelphia ACLU.