A-3 Employee of the Month:
Jay Nix of CPPS

The A-3 Assembly's Employee of the Month for May is Jay Nix, the receptionist at Career Planning and Placement Service.

For the past 15 years she has greeted the students, alumni, faculty, staff, employers and graduate school representatives who visit CPPS each day. She has answered their questions and directed them to the appropriate counselor or service. She also helps users of the career library find the books or materials they need. Thus writes Patricia Rose, director of Career Planning and Placement and the nominator of Ms. Nix, whom she described as "the embodiment of outstanding customer service.

"Students who come to CPPS have questions about their future; many do not know where to begin, and can be intimidated by the career planning process," said Ms. Rose. "Jay Nix always has a warm smile and a welcoming manner with these students. She lets them know that those of us here care about them, and are here to help. Never once in the 15 years she has held her job has she provided less than gracious service, even with those who could try many people's patience.

"She has gotten to know many members of our community well, and they will, I know, be as sad as we at CPPS are when they learn that she is retiring on June 30. In recognition of her exceptional work on the front line of our very busy office, I am nominating her for this recognition," said Ms. Rose.

For information on nominating a staff member as A-3 of the Month, see the A-3 Assembly's home page, http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~haldeman/rec4m.html.


Volume 42 Number 34
June 18, 1996

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