Gazette Editor: John Prendergast

Alumni Relations Director Martha Stachitas has announced the appointment of John Prendergast, a magna cum laude alumnus of The College, as editor of The Pennsylvania Gazette starting July 8.

A former staff writer in Development and onetime managing editor of the Wharton Annual, Mr. Prendergast is now managing editor of Civil Engineering, a monthly magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He took the managing editorship in December 1991 after two years as an associate editor. He has also been with Inform, Inc., an environmental research and education non-profit organization; with Thomas Jefferson University; and with "Pennyslvania Outlook,"a startup quarterly on Commonwealth-area business.

Calling 1995-96 "an extraordinary year for the current staff of the Gazette," Ms. Stachitas said the acting editor, Marshall Ledger, "agreed to take on editorial leadership of the magazine in late December, while maintaining his full responsibilities as Director for Periodicals and Publications at Penn's Medical Center. Marshall has been tireless in juggling the many facets of his two roles all the while sustaining the quality we all expect of the Gazette." Dr. Ledger is the founding editor of PennMed magazine who served as associate editor of The Gazette under it its longtime editor Anthony A. Lyle, whose retirement was announced last fall (Almanac November 14, 1995). Dr. Ledger has agreed to complete this year's schedule of issues so that John Prendergast can concentrate on preparations for the 1996-1997 editorial cycle, Ms. Stachitas added.

Ms. Stachitas cited the "exceptional performances of Sam Hughes, senior staff writer, Peter Ivory, editorial assistant, and Carolyn Guss, acting assistant editor. Without their unrelenting commitment, I can't imagine how any issue of the Gazette would have reached our alumni. Perhaps the best testimony to their efforts is the recent recognition bestowed by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) . . . I can tell you that each month has offered a distinct set of challenges; yet no period was more turbulent and demanding than the weeks preceding the completion of the December issue. That this would earn such acclaim is particularly remarkable."


Volume 42 Number 34
June 18, 1996

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