A-3 of the Month: Hugh Bradford

The A-3 Employee of the Month for April is Hugh B. Bradford, who joined Penn 20 years ago as an animal care specialist, and is now Building Supervisor of the Richard L. Solomon Laboratories of Experimental Psychology.

The newly-renamed psychology lab building houses most of the faculty and graduate students of the Psychology Department, virtually all of the department's research facilities (including its critical animal care and computer facilities), and a significant amount of the department's classroom space. The building supervisor's work can be critical in research units, given needs such as weekend access for faculty and student researchers, and nighttime crises in heat or water supply in an animal facility. Even the proper delivery of packages may be critical for ongoing research. As Dr. Edward N. Pugh, Jr., the Shalam Family Term Professor, put it in his nomination: "Mr. Bradford generates substantial annual savings for the department and the University by virtue of his constant vigilance for the department facilities and equipment, his timeliness in dealing with maintenance problems, and his active concern about building security." Added Dr. Pugh. "A man of dignity and integrity and many years of loyal service, he truly merits the distinction of an Employee Recognition Award."

Photo by Dwight Luckey


Volume 42 Number 33
May 21/28, 1996

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